Why Isn’t my Score Going Up?

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Cindy from Cincinnati writes: 

Dear First Choice Admissions –

I’ve been studying for the GMAT on my own for about 6 months and I even took a high end test prep class and my score is still stuck at around 620.   Why is this happening to me? Help!

Dear Cindy,

Thanks for your letter.  First of all, what you are experiencing is incredibly common – so don’t worry, you’re not alone! 

There is a reason this is happening to you. To get good at the GMAT requires three skills and I bet you’ve only been focusing on one. 

gmat prep online classes

I bet you’ve been doubling down on learning lots of English and math and I bet that test prep class you took probably also focused on teaching you lots of English and math.  And by now I’m guessing you’re probably really good at English and math… and it isn’t helping. The thing is the English and math on the GMAT is primarily stuff you learned freshman and sophomore year in high school.   As one of my former students put it –I know all this stuff, but they ask it in such weird ways. 

So English and math skills can only take you so far.

The next skill you need is the ability to look at a question and immediately be able to read the markers that allow you to understand exactly what the question is asking you to do and the steps the test wants you to take that will likely get you to the right answer…FAST.

And the last skill you need is understanding how the test scores you and coming up with your optimal test strategy.  Did you know that regardless if you score a 530 or a 730 on the GMAT you’re going to miss about 1/3 of the questions?  For the GMAT your score isn’t based so much on how MANY questions you get right but how HARD the questions are that you get right. 

Our GMAT Prep Online Classes Can Help You

At First Choice, all of our GMAT prep online classes teach you all three skills because we find that when students master all three skills their scores really rocket up – that’s when we see people clearing the 700 hurdle.  

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