The Secret to Reading Comp

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The GMAT and the GRE are going to give you reading comp passages that seem impossibly dense and almost indecipherable to mere mortals (that’s their job).

You’re job is to cut through all the perplexing jargon, labyrinthine logic and convoluted context to pull out exactly what the heck they’re talking about!

gmat class

DON’T:  try and absorb and understand every word or even every sentence.  That leads to a slow, painful standardized test death. 

INSTEAD:  pull back and look specifically for the answers to these four questions and force yourself to jot down your answers in just a few words (maximum 5 words): 

1)    What is the passage about?

2)    What is the author’s point of view about whatever the passage is about?

3)    Are there other points of view floating around in the passage?

4)    What is the tone? 

This is the essential tool for quickly navigating even the most convoluted reading comp passages.  The more precisely and concisely you can answer these 4 questions the better prepared you’ll be to get questions right…FAST!

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