"As Academic Program Director at UCLA, I hired Bruce as a test prep instructor. Bruce is an exceptionally passionate and talented teacher who can break down complex information into easily understandable parts and make challenging material fun and digestible. Bruce consistently received outstanding evaluations from his students."

Eric Latham

"Teaching is very much about relating to students and teaching concepts. Bruce does this exceptionally well. In a few short months with Bruce I was able to raise my GMAT score to a 740!"

Frank H.

"I just wanted to let you know that I took the test yesterday and I got a 750 (a 48 on the quant)!!! I am beyond excited about the score and am so grateful to you for helping me get there."

Sonya F.

"I would highly recommend First Choice to anyone who is looking to take their score to the next level and develop an air of confidence come test day. Working with First Choice provided me with a skill set that was unmatched from my experience with other GMAT study programs."

Bo J.

"This is the best recommendation I can possibly give. I just got accepted to Columbia! Thank you for all of your help on the GRE!"

Raisa L.

"First Choice did what an entire GMAT prep class couldn't. It raised my score to over 700. I am now applying to top 10 schools - thank you!"

Michael D.

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me figure out my reading comp problems! I actually scored highest on the reading comp sections (91st percentile). Thank you SO much for your help!!"

James R.

"The GMAT is one cheeky animal. I was aiming for a 700 and I am over the moon that I've achieved my goal. I never thought 700+ was possible when I first started preparing, but methodically and with lots of encouragement, First Choice helped me get there. I would, without a moment's hesitation, recommend Bruce and First Choice to anyone who wants to ace the GMAT."

Rascim K.

"Got my 700 today! Verbal went up to the 90th percentile, thanks to you. I appreciate all of your help and support getting me here."

Chris N.

"Before working with First Choice, I hated the GMAT. After 6 months of taking courses and studying on my own I was scoring around a 620. I was frustrated and on the verge of not applying to business school at all. First Choice showed me what I actually needed to know to do well and from the first lesson I started getting better. I took the test two more times and finally broke 700! I was accepted by Tuck and Columbia and wait-listed at Kellogg."

Michelle D.

"Just wanted to update you on my score. I broke the 700 marker! On quant I got a 49 (raw score) which his awesome. Thank you again for all your help with the quant stuff!!"

Nicole W.

"Bruce's approach is simple yet super effective. He pitched the teaching at the right level to ensure I grasped all of the concepts confidently. His teaching style and materials equipped me with what I needed to get my GMAT score the first time! Bruce is fun to work with, very professional and I highly recommend him."

Kemi A.

"I took a test prep course from a high-end, nationally known test prep company and I was scoring in the mid to low 600's. I started working with First Choice and I started to see how the test worked. The curriculum was rigorous but Bruce was incredibly supportive and patient. The next time I took the test I got a 700. In hindsight, I wouldn't have bothered with the national test prep company - I would have just started with First Choice."

Gary C.

"First Choice is fantastic. They teach concepts really clearly and build your confidence at the same time. I started out thinking there was no way I could beat the GMAT. The highest I ever got on my own was a 620. First Choice was super motivating. They gave me so many skills and so much confidence I ended up going from 620 to 700. I'm applying to Wharton, Duke and University of Chicago."

Christine L.

"I'll be headed to Harvard Business School in the fall. I ended up getting into London Business School and Wharton as well. Overall great process and I'm so happy with where I landed. Thank you for all the GMAT help - I couldn't have gotten into HBS without you!"

Sam E.

"First Choice helped me accomplish my goals by using a tailored approached that focused on content as well as valuable test taking strategies. Every interaction was customized to my needs and I entered each test with confidence. Ultimately, I was admitted to my #1 choice school (in addition to two other top 10 programs) and I can't thank First Choice Admissions enough for its help!"

Stew K.

"I was waitlisted at the London School of Business. They told me I had to get my GMAT score up. I spent 8 week working with First Choice and my score went up 80 points!"

Kemi B.

"My math was always strong but I’m not a native English speaker and I didn’t score well on the verbal portion of the GRE.  After working with Bruce at First Choice, I raised my verbal score 10 points!  I was accepted to my program and I have recommended First Choice to my friends."

Share W.