First Choice Admissions started with two questions:

Why do smart students with great grades
score so poorly on standardized tests?


Why are fantastic test scores limited to students
who can afford private tutoring?

These are the questions FCA was founded on.

Founder Bruce Hanson tells the amazing story of First Choice Admissions and shares the “secret sauce” that has helped hundreds of students get into
their dream schools.

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How It Works
The tests aren’t hard. But they’re
So students need three things to
be successful …
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1. Knowing Stuff: Freshman/sophomore math and English.

2. Question Interpretation: “What was I just asked?” It’s deliberately confusing. Interpreting questions correctly is the skill for unlocking higher scores.

3. Test Strategy: Too many questions in too short a time.

If students master ALL THREE skills, scores rocket up! That’s why we teach all three skills in EVERY lesson.

We have only one goal for students … Score more points on the test!


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Bruce Hanson


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Still Not Sure If This
Is Right For You?

Hi, I’m Milo!

Hi, I’m Milo! I was the first dog to score perfectly on both the ACT and the SAT. And I love teaching kids how to ace the tests!

I’m here to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ACT and SAT course. Because I’m just that smart.    And handsome.

How long does the course take to complete?

If you’re a particularly motivated student, you can complete the entire course (both the math and English sections) in about four weeks. If you’re slightly less motivated (like most of us) it usually takes closer to six weeks.

How much will my score go up?

Bruce has taught this course for years and we’ve seen it help students get as much as 250+ point raises on the SAT and as much as 15+ point raises on the ACT.
Obviously, results vary and it depends a lot on you, the student. Some of it has to do with how academically skilled you are and a LOT of it has to do with how much you’re willing to study!

Do you have a guarantee?

We do. Try the course out for 30 days. If you don’t feel like your skills and confidence have dramatically improved, cancel the course and we’ll refund your money. Just make sure you cancel within the first 30 days.

Will this single course help me with both the ACT and the SAT?

Yes. The test-taking skills you need to learn are very similar for both the ACT and SAT. And the English and math material covered on both tests is similar, too.
There are some differences, and the FREE ACT Add-On includes lessons and practice on the science section, additional math, as well as in-depth strategies developed specifically for the ACT.

Do I need to buy anything else?

The course comes complete with lessons, homework and a bunch of official practice tests from the test makers. Occasionally, a student gets an additional practice test or two if they are feeling like they want more practice.

Can I do the course on my phone?

Seems like everybody does everything now on their phone – and yes, you can do this course on your phone as well. A lot of the material is on video, so just make sure you have a large enough screen to see it clearly.
Regardless of whether you do the course on your phone, laptop or desktop, be sure to invest in some pencils and paper – you’ll need those, too!

Have you ever done a TED Talk?

Yes! My TED talk, ”Cats are from Mars, Squirrels are Delicious,” has been viewed by more than one million canines worldwide.

Is the course completely self-study?

The course is designed to be completely self-study. Lessons are taught via videos, written lessons and practice sets (with step-by-step explana- tions). You can move at your own pace (or the pace your mom and dad make you go!).

What if I want in-person help?

We have options for in-person tutoring. Just email and put Personal Tutoring in the subject line to find out more.

Do I have to pay all at once?

We DO have payment options. You can either make a single payment when you start the course or two separate payments – one when you start the course and the other a month later.