How We Raise Scores

If you decide to take a class with us, you’ll find it’s a very different experience from other test prep classes.  That’s because we focus on the things that the GMAT and GRE actually test you on — things that actually drive your score higher.  (Hint:  It’s only kinda about English and math.)

In fact, the math and English on the tests is primarily stuff you learned by freshman or sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL!

If the GMAT and GRE only cover basic English and math, why are they so friggin’ hard?!

That is a very important question and gets right to the heart of how we raise scores.

The GMAT and GRE are only sort of tests of your English and math skills.  You can have excellent quantitative and language skill and still bomb the tests.  In fact, that’s quite common.

What really drives your score is your ability to decode the questions, spot inferences and know what to do for each problem.  All within very strict time limits.

What this means for you

What this means for you, is that you have to get VERY good at THREE skills. Our lessons are carefully constructed to build in you (systematically and step-by-step) these THREE SKILLS!

Skill #1: Knowing Stuff

Review the most commonly tested math and English concepts (that’s pretty much freshman/sophomore level English and math that you’ve forgotten). You gotta know your exponent rules and if the subject matches the verb.  There’s no way around that.

Skill #2: Question Interpretation

What was I just asked and what am I supposed to do?!  It’s deliberately deceiving.  Identifying specific markers in the question that tell you EXACTLY what you’ve been asked and the BEST next steps to take is critical.  (Everyone else might think they’re in an exponent question, but YOU know you’re in a factoring question because you spotted specific markers in the question that told you so.)

Skill #3: Test Strategy

Develop a specific test strategy for handling the challenging timing and the non-intuitive adaptive algorithms that the tests use to score you.

Mastering one or two of these skills isn’t enough.  When students master all three skills, we see scores skyrocket and students post elite scores.



GRE and GMAT Test Prep

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

There is nothing so special about these tests that they don’t work just like everything else in life:  The more you practice the better you get. In our experience, the primary drivers of higher scores are …

  1. Understanding how the tests work, and then

The homework is HARD!

This isn’t because we’re mean people.  (Well, okay, Bruce is kinda mean when he hasn’t had his coffee).  It’s because you need to see the hard inferences over and over again.

The first time you encounter a hard inference, it’s usually pretty intimidating and you’re unsure if you can nail it on the test.  The 40th time you see that inference, you can nail it in your sleep.

We give you hard homework so you can see very difficult inferences and practice decoding subtle questions over and over again … so you’ll be ready when you see them on the test.

Money-Back Guarantee

While we can’t guarantee individual test scores, we can offer this money-back guarantee:

If you sign up for a semi-private class or one-on-one tutoring, and the first class doesn’t absolutely crush your expectations (or if you just don’t think it’s the right class for you), you can drop the course before the second class for a full refund.