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As Academic Program Director at UCLA, I hired Bruce as a test prep instructor. Bruce is an exceptionally passionate and talented teacher who can break down complex information into easily understandable parts and make challenging material fun and digestible. Bruce consistently received outstanding evaluations from his students.
Eric Latham
Teaching is very much about relating to students and teaching concepts. Bruce does this exceptionally well. In a few short months with Bruce I was able to raise my GMAT score to a 740!
Frank H.
I just wanted to let you know that I took the test yesterday and I got a 750 (a 48 on the quant)!!! I am beyond excited about the score and am so grateful to you for helping me get there.
Sonya F.
I would highly recommend First Choice to anyone who is looking to take their score to the next level and develop an air of confidence come test day. Working with First Choice provided me with a skill set that was unmatched from my experience with other GMAT study programs.
Bo J.
This is the best recommendation I can possibly give. I just got accepted to Columbia! Thank you for all of your help on the GRE!
Raisa L.
First Choice did what an entire GMAT prep class couldn't. It raised my score to over 700. I am now applying to top 10 schools - thank you!
Michael D.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me figure out my reading comp problems! I actually scored highest on the reading comp sections (91st percentile). Thank you SO much for your help!!
James R.

We raise your skills, your confidence and scores. A lot!

It’s not uncommon to raise GMAT scores over 75 points and GRE scores over 16 points. That’s because we focus on what the GMAT and GRE actually test you on (hint: it’s only kinda about English and math).
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  • I’m smart and got really good grades in college, but I bombed the test.