GMAT Test Prep

Need to Raise Your GMAT Score?

Let UCLA instructor, Wharton MBA and Founder of First Choice Admissions, Bruce Hanson give you SEMI-PRIVATE lessons!

Bruce’s approach, developed over years as a test prep instructor at UCLA, has a long track record of helping HUNDREDS of students just like you master the test.  It can help you too!

Class Size

2-4 students

Class Sessions

12 sessions - each session is about 1.5 hours long

Class location

class meets online via Zoom and are taught live

Class Times

classes meet weekly - see below for available dates and times.


These courses are designed and taught by the founder of First Choice Admissions, Bruce Hanson; Wharton MBA and former UCLA test prep Instructor and curriculum designer. Students rigorously review and practice the most commonly tested concepts, develop a deep understanding of how the test works and learn advanced strategies to maximize their score. These high-level courses are designed for students targeting scores in the high 600’s and 700’s. Materials include comprehensive lessons and lots of practice sets (really hard practice sets!) We also utilize free practice exams.

Our Money Back Guarantee: Take the first class – if it doesn’t absolutely crush your expectations (or if you just don’t think it’s the right class for you) - you can drop before the second class for a full refund. It’s important to note that individual results may vary and we can’t guarantee individual test scores.

Some questions you might have:
Are the classes taught live with a real teacher interacting with students?

Yes, yes and yes!  It works just like a physical classroom except you don’t have to go any further than your computer, tablet or yes, some of you will join via smartphone.

Should I take just the quant or just the verbal or both at the same time?

It depends on your timing and how much time you have to study.  If you take both together, you will finish after about 12 weeks.   But remember you are doubling up on homework.  If you take them separately, it will take longer to complete the course, but the pace will be much easier to maintain – especially important for those of you who have pretty stressful jobs.    Also, some lucky people are already pretty good at either the verbal or quant sides of the test and only need to focus on one side.

How much will I have to study?

The unfulfilling answer to that question is…it depends.  For those of you targeting 700+ scores, your competition is studying between about 15 – 20 hours a week (we know!).  You might or might not have to study that much to hit your desired score.  Practice is a huge driver of your score – so for most people, the more they practice, the higher their score.

Are the classes really capped at between 2 and 4 students?

Yes.  We want to create an experience that allows students to ask questions and for the course to be customized for the particular group of students who are studying together.

Are the classes really advanced?  Will it be over my head?

Let’s be honest, nobody remembers their algebra, and nobody has diagramed a sentence since 8th grade!

On the quant side, if you are quantitively uncomfortable (as opposed to just rusty) you’ll find that the course goes VERY fast and it won’t be very helpful for you.  We generally set up the equation (which is the hard part) but we assume you can comfortably solve linear equations and find X.   If you’re unsure about your algebra skills, I highly recommend, Algebra I Workbook for Dummies.

On the verbal side, it’s a little easier going.  You need to have far fewer technical English skills in order to score very well on the verbal side.  And most of those skills we teach you.  If English isn’t your first language, it can be challenging.