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Many people who are applying to business school ask me if they should take the GMAT or the GRE.   The short answer is that now-a-days most business schools will let you take either. That wasn’t true, say 4-5 years ago, when Business schools still strongly preferred the GMAT.   But that has changed. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though.  First, there are a few business schools that will accept a GRE score but they really prefer that you take the GMAT –  INSEAD comes to mind. That’s becoming less common, but check with the admissions department of your target school to make sure.

GMAT Prep Online Classes

Second, if you don’t have a strong quantitative background you might want to take the GMAT.  Admissions departments in business schools are rightly concerned that you have the quant skills necessary to survive and excel in their program.  If you majored in French philosophy, killing the quant portion of the GMAT will go a LOOOONG way toward relieving those concerns – much more effectively than a good GRE score. 

GRE and GMAT Prep Online Classes

Regardless of which test you take, your success is a combination of mastering the fundamental English and math skills that are on the test (it doesn’t go much beyond what you learned freshman or sophomore year in high school) and, more importantly, understanding how the test works so you can decode the questions and nail them… FAST!  And that’s exactly what we you teach in every lesson at First Choice Admissions GRE and GMAT prep online classes.

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