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a GMAT Tutor

What would a GMAT tutor be like? For many, they would be someone who knows the GMAT inside and out, first and foremost. On top of that, they would be able to devote all of their attention to you, to answer any questions you might have in as much detail as necessary. Of course, they would come to your location, so that you didn’t have to drive anywhere. That being said, for some, they like having an extra student or so there, just in case that person thinks of any questions or concerns that might not have otherwise come up. All of the above can be found at First Choice Admissions, through our online classes.

a GMAT Tutor

One on One GMAT Tutor

Bruce Hanson, the Founder of First Choice Admissions, personally handle one-on-one classes. As you might imagine, his resume is absolutely top-notch: UCLA test prep instructor, curriculum designer, and of course, Wharton MBA. The latter is important because it shows that he’s been through the process before, so he knows exactly what you’re going through. That means that he can tailor these classes to your specific needs. The customization of our one-on-one classes is unique, as it can be fit for you and you alone. Better still, these classes get out all of the information they have to in just about an hour and fifteen minutes. We have a form at our site you can fill out to let Bruce Hanson know absolutely everything that you’re looking for from the class.

GMAT Online Classes

It’s important to note that all of our online classes are, well, classes. Too many other places say that they offer “online classes,” but really, it’s just a video or webinar of someone dryly repeating facts. Our classes, on the other hand, are exactly like classes, just through your computer, tablet or even phone. You can raise your hand, ask questions, interact, and be just as involved as you would be if everyone in the class were sitting at desks. Of course, one of the best parts of the class is the “everyone” – it never gets that big. These classes never get larger than four students and are often as small as two. That means everyone gets the attention and focus they need to completely understand the topics at hand. This allows us to customize the class entirely to the students in it.

Verbal and Quant

We offer them as separate courses. You can take them however you like. Some take them both at once; others do one and then the other. Our goal is to offer you enough options so that you can fit GMAT prep into your schedule. We offer them at many different times, too. For example, as of this writing, there are Quant classes available on Saturday mornings, Thursday evenings, Sunday mornings and more. To learn more about how we can help you prepare for the GMAT or the GRE, head to our site or contact us at  

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